A Very Playful Dreamation

Dreamation 2011 was my most playful convention ever. Literally, full of great play. Whether playing a stern warrior nun in Jenn Wong's Golden Panda Fiasco playset, expanding farms in an intense Carcassonne tournament, or hosting an epic SageFight event, I was playing all the time.

As usual, Jason Morningstar compiled a great overview of the convention in the "One Cool Thing I Saw" video above. There, you'll see snippets of SageFight in the background and mentions of Utara and Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple. At 7:25 you'll also see yours truly in a post-SageFight stupor, forgetting which convention he's attending. (For which I am deeply embarrassed and apologetic to the Dreamation staff.)

Here are some pics I took from throughout the weekend and many, many more from the industrious Rob Bohl. I shot a lot of video, too. I'll post some of the raw clips on youtube, but most of the footage will be used in promo stuff for Do, Utara and SageFight.

Here are my personal highlights, composed in the form of oblique non sequitors and out-of-context inside-jokes.

» Discussion of the Mans, Bat
» A fantastic pitch for The Blob 2
» Cookie tree growing from a whale's blowhole
» "Chi-Ping... dear husband"
» "West Clan! Who is your master?"
» The tile with a field surrounded by city walls
» Carcassonne: Godzilla

And here are games played at Dreamation

» Fiasco
» Dungeon World
» Carcassonne
» Pandemic
» Space Hulk: Death Angel
» Zombie Dice
» Tayu
» Utara
» Happy Birthday, Robot!
» Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple

Once again, many thanks to the kind and hard-working staff of Double Exposure for putting together a great convention.

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