SageFight - Melee 1 and 2 from Dreamation 2011

This is the first melee at the SageFight event at Dreamation. A few brave souls entered the arena at first, but that's usually how it is at a meet. You can tell we had a little trouble staying on beat. In Bill's case, he wouldn't stop moving. :P Ultimately, it came down to me and deWitt. I can't actually remember who won, and it's unclear from the video.

More joined the second melee of the SageFight event. (Bill still won't stop moving, of course.) This one has a more definitive ending than the first, with Joshua raising his hand into mine in the last beat. In all, you see how much Mendez is the real stand-out fighter in the whole evening. Check him out vamping towards the end.

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Daniel Solis
Art Director by Day. Game Designer by Night.