[SageFight] Solis vs Lenaire

As you well know, the first rule of SageFight is "Tell everyone about SageFight." I'm doing my part by teaching my co-workers into the fine, ancient tradition. Here I am teaching how to duel, but I end up getting schooled. Here are screencaps I took to highlight some key techniques often seen in the Duel version of SageFight.

1) It's pretty typical to go low for an early advance. It's a more natural movement than going high. Also, your target is usually below shoulder-level.

2) Often, you'll get into these little shoving matches, much like jedi shoving their light sabers against each other. Much more dorky, though. :P

3) Now here, Adam has the upper hand. Literally. He's about 6 inches taller than me, so he can easily push my arm down if I maintain contact.

4) Indeed, he transitions into a dominant defensive move, shoving my hand away with his own.

5) So we break contact and prepare for a new sequence of attacks and defenses. I attempt to lure his aggression by letting my hand hang limply.

6) Adam goes in for a block, but I've evaded contact and prepare to strike from behind his back.

7) Ack! Adam anticipates my gambit. He catches my arm from underneath while also pulling his shoulders back.

8) Woosh. It's all over now. He's used his body weight to go upright once more, shoving my arm well away from the line of attack, leaving my torso defenseless.

9) And that's point Lenaire.



  1. Wow. You really make this seem like I knew what I was doing.

  2. Wow. You really make this seem like I knew what I was doing.


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