SageFight is a dance-like game for three or more people. It's fun to do in a playground or park. You don't need any special equipment besides your body and a willingness to look silly. You can find out more about SageFight on the official Sagefight website.

SageFight: Melee

Rule 1: You have to tell everyone about SageFight. More people make it more fun. One way to do this is to document your SageFights – in photos, videos or text – and share them with others.

Rule 2: At the beginning of a SageFight, everyone gets around in a circle at arm’s length from each other. It's best to have everyone's hands overlap a little bit.

Rule 3: Take your most awesome martial arts stance. Do not move.

Rule 4: A time keeper will give a signal at regular intervals, either by calling it out or clapping. Think of it like a metronome. We like to use the stomp-stomp-clap from Queen's "We Will Rock You."

Rule 5: On the signal, you switch to another stance, but must keep your balance and must not move after switching your stance. When you switch your stance, you can move your arms, torso, head and/or one foot. The other foot remains rooted in place. A well-executed SageFight has each SageFighter flowing between a series of stable, static poses.

Goal: Try to tap another SageFighter hand with the palm-side of your hand. If your hand is hit, you are out. If your palm touches someone else’s palm, you’re both out. If you are the last person standing, you win SAGEFIGHT!

SageFight: Clan vs. Clan

When you have a large enough group of SageFighters, split them up into two rival ninja clans. The two clans line up and face each other in a tense stand-off. Each clan has a MASTER. When the master of a clan gets tapped out, the whole clan loses. Remember: Protect your master!

SageFight: Duel
Also Known As: "Masters without Swords"

Rule 1: Fencers take stances along a straight line. For example, a line of tiles along a hotel lobby floor or the stripes on a basketball court.

Rule 2: Begin by touching arms in a mannerly fashion, like crossing swords.

Rule 3: The timekeeper will tell the fencers to break. Then the fencers take their most awesome fencing pose.

Rule 4: The timekeeper will start keeping a rhythmic beat, just like in regular SAGEFIGHT.

Rule 5: Score one point by touching your opponent’s torso with the palm-side of your hand. If you step off the line or lose your balance, you’re out and your opponent scores one point.

Goal: After scoring a point, stop keeping time, back away, strike a new pose, and start again. Be the first to score 2 points.

There is a lot of jostling and crossing “swords.” You feel very much like a jedi knight.

The SageFight Handshake



  1. Awesomeness, I think I know what me and my friends will be doing the next time we are drunk at a con.

  2. Those are exactly the conditions in which SageFight was invented. :)

  3. I've played that, but we called it Ninja. There was a variation called Samurai where you had to keep both hands together, and it was scored by touch someones hands with the blade of your hands...

  4. Believe it or not, we invented this before knowing about Ninja. We were just a little tipsy and antsy. :P


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