[SageFight] Fight to the Fun at PAX and Dragon*Con

J.R. Blackwell, famous photographer and accomplished duelist, puts forth some new doctrines for this fine, ancient tradition.
I went to a party this weekend and challenged six people to a duel. I am a sagefighting dueling whirlwind. It combines my talent for reading faces with my talent for not falling down. I can't wait to challenge other sagefighters to honorable duels to the fun.

That's right, you read that right - DUELS TO THE FUN - THIS DOESN'T END UNTIL YOU HAVE FUN!
We agreed "Fight to the Fun" is a great tagline. So, everyone going to PAX or Dragon*Con this weekend, start a SageFight Melee or Duel with your friends. (Remember: Be safe. Trim your fingernails.)

Post your pics and videos! I'll make a graphic like these for you, too.

» J.R. Blackwell's Livejournal
» Original Photo Source

BONUS! New SageFight pics at GenCon 2010.


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