SageFight rocks the Office Christmas Party

Last week we had our office Christmas party at the University of Oklahoma student union. Our co-workers from the North Carolina branch were in town for the party, one of whom was particularly interested in playing some kind of game. Naturally, I proposed SageFight.

When approaching anyone to play SageFight, I try emphasize how fun it is, but it's hard to communicate until they see a whole group going. This time around, for some reason, few of the guys were up to the challenge this time around. Instead, the ladies kicked off their shoes and circled up about five SageFight Melee bouts.

The guys, for their part, kept time by stomping and clapping to the beat of Queen's "We Will Rock You." This is such a universally recognized beat that it's pretty easy to get volunteers to keep time. Added bonus: That beat is slow enough that new SageFighters don't feel intimidated by the pace.

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