SageFight - Clan vs. Clan - Dreamation 2011

This is the epic three-round Clan vs. Clan SageFight event at Dreamation 2011. The East Clan and West Clan compete to find out whose style is the best. Who will win? Which master will fall?

Here are the rules of Clan vs. Clan SageFight: You are working with your clan as a team to protect your clan's master. Your clan wins if you take out all the other SageFighters in the other clan. Your clan can also win by simply taking out the other clan's master.

Later, in the third round, we added a new rule that greatly lengthened the battle. Any fallen SageFighter can re-enter the battle after ten beats as long as their master still stands.

Some unplanned emergent behavior came out of this event. For one thing, the masters of each clan took the opportunity to parley before each round. This was an opportunity to trashtalk the other clan in the style of a bad kung fu movie, but also to trade fighters between clans. Also, clans started taking special formations in the initial lineup, like an American football team.

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