Escapist Expo 2012 Follow-Up

I'm back from the Escapist Expo! (Well, I never left since the con was held in Durham.)

The panels were fantastic! Everyone was so sharp and interesting. The one panel I officially moderated was super-easy thanks to Steve Segedy, Jason Morningstar, Greg Boyd, Cherylin Kirkman and Chris Kirkman bringing their A-game. Our little room was packed, so hopefully we can do this panel again next year.

Thanks to Jon Bolding for volunteering to run two blind play tests of Belle of the Ball while I was moderating a panel. He had a four-player game and a two-player game fit in about an hour. There was a 12yo in the four-player game who trounced the rest of the players, which is always fun to see.

Many thanks to Jon Moller of UnPub and Dan Yarrington of Game Salute for hosting so many unpublished play tests. I ran about seven Belle of the Ball play tests in rapid succession over the course of three days. The groups ranged from 2 to 6 players. Lots of excellent feedback and ideas for new guests to include in future expansions down the line. (More on my findings later this week.)

After hours, we also did plenty of gaming! We played Cash & Guns, The Resistance (with and without expansion), Reverse Charades, Catchphrase, SageFight (free-for-all and clan vs. clan), and BANG! As you can tell, we were mood for some active party games. They also gave me some fun ideas for how to handle that poison cup game I was noodling last week.

From what I could see , attendance overall was really good. I liked the layout of the exhibit hall especially. We had plenty of room for our tabletop games right along side the classic arcade and the rows of PC tournament players.

Overall it was a great experience! I had the pleasure of introducing many different prominent geeks to each other for the first time, despite them both living in the area. Here's hoping the Expo stays strong and active so I can attend again next year!

[Video: Penny Photography]



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