'Anthelion: Conclave of Power' Playtests Open

ButtonShy Games has just launched their playtester network for upcoming wallet games. These are all games using just 18 cards packed in a tiny little vinyl wallet. I've had a couple of wallet games published over the years and I'm very excited to see the next one come to life.

Anthelion: Conclave of Power is based on John DuBois' Avignon: Clash of Popes, a clever 2p strategy game where players push and pull cards in a tense tug-of-war. Anthelion takes that fun gameplay to the stars in ButtonShy's Pocket Universe space opera setting. Your goal is to gain enough star power in your conclave to sway the galaxy.

This playtest pack includes the base game: four Liberator characters, four Dynasty characters, and four Rogue characters. Each has their own abilities, attributes, and resources. We've also included two expansion factions to test: The Androids and the Fuzzies. I'm very eager to see how these play out in blind tests.

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Daniel Solis
Art Director by Day. Game Designer by Night.