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I designed Embargo in 2006, inspired by a two-player kind of Chinese Checkers called Halma. The rules below are from an adaptation you can play online at . For simplicity's sake, this is a two-player version. You can play with up to four players, too, each player taking control of one of the four corners. You can play this on a regular chess board with generic tokens moving along the lines and vertices of the grid. Object: The object of Embargo is similar to Chinese Checkers: move all your pieces from your "yard" (the spots where your pieces start) to your opponent's "yard". Your yard is the light-colored section of the board where your pieces are initially placed. Setup: The pieces are initially set up on opposite corners on a 9x9 board. The screen shot below shows the starting position for Embargo: Movement: Pieces move along straight lines for any number of empty spaces, like chess rooks. Pieces cannot move through Wa