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88 Copies of "Happy Birthday, Robot!"

That's what 88 copies of HBR looks like, yup. So, I'm going to be personally signing and numbering and mailing several of these babies to some generous backers. I'll be emailing you shortly (like, in a few minutes) asking for your shipping address. (Those of you who ordered a book without my rambling scribbles, I'll need your shipping addresses, too.) Talk to ya soon!

Now for sale!

Happy Birthday, Robot! is now available for sale at Evil Hat , Drive-Thru RPG , and RPGNow . Feel free to share those links with your friends and colleagues who've expressed interest in the game. If you've played the game already, share your thoughts and experiences! Post your stories on a blog, forum post or status update. (And ping me, too, I love to see what people end up creating!)