General News Roundup: 29 May 2015

Suzanne features Kigi on Board Game Blender

Trickster – Revised Detective Dishi too powerful or just powerful enough?

Trickster Playtesters! What are your thoughts on these possible revised powers?

Carden ♥️♣️♦️♠️ A Card-Covering Puzzle Game?

Heir to Europa - Now on DriveThruCards!

This Soup is an Awful Cake: 5 Tips for Taking Playtest Feedback, from Game Design Roundtable

Pick a Card, Any Card: Exporting mechanics from Apples to Apples and Cards Against Humanity.

Kigi sold out at Tokyo Game Market!

Updated PnP for Trickster: Fantasy, Trickster: Tianxia, and Trickster: Symbiosis!

Why are board game boxes so big?


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