Legacying: Hacking RISK Legacy mechanics for other games

Play the Belle of the Ball Prototype at Origins 2012

Card Designs for Belle of the Ball

Belle of the Ball Update: Rules Changes, Production Estimates, Kickstarter Plans

Email Your Ducks: 5 Kickstarter Freelance Hiring Tips

Memory and Action Selection [In the Lab]

Player-Controlled Resource Values [In The Lab]

Belle of the Ball Prototype Cards from SuperiorPOD

Feedback Loops in Game Design [Infographic]

Secret Action Selection in an Anarcho-Utopian Dragon Ranch [Dung & Dragons]

Belle of the Ball live playtest at Pruvop, Thu. May 10, 6pm!

Century Club Logo Pins and Dice Bags!

Variable Data in Card Game Design

Catan City / Settlement Token Necklaces

Kickstarter Tier for Naming Rights in Belle of the Ball

Belle of the Ball Updates for May 3, 2012

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