What would you tell your teenage self about game design?

Trickster: Thoughts on variable trick-taking

Shrodinger's Wine: Revisiting the Counterfeit Wine Theme

Huzzah! Belle of the Ball is fully funded!

Giving away fancy names to Belle of the Ball backers on Twitter

Let's Start the Party! Belle of the Ball is on Kickstarter!

Belle of the Ball Kickstarter launches tomorrow!

Experimenting with Photos as Card Art

Koi Pond Promo Cards "Four Winds" and "Four Walls" Now Available!

Belle of the Ball debuts at Gen Con 2013!

Belle of the Ball and Koi Pond at Gen Con 2013

While the cats are away... [9 Lives]

Puppy Pile: A Card Game about Puppies and Treats

Espionage: The Card Game [Prototype G]

Where to buy Koi Pond at Gen Con: Booth 1201

Suspense: The Card Game [Prototype F]

Tyc: A New Type of Tic Tac Toe


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