Giving away fancy names to Belle of the Ball backers on Twitter

It's been a fantastic opening weekend for Belle of the Ball's kickstarter campaign. To help spread the word, I've been giving away fancy names to folks on Twitter. Here's all the names so far!

Lady Liminal Lincolnwell! @GeekyLyndsay
Lord Bineas Bindletop @futurewolfie
Lord Jocular Jugglethump! @shouit
Lord Flickery Firehoist! @the_FlyingSheep
Lord Escapehatch Gingerlatch! @reldnahcire
Lady Jauntily Jumpingfax! @athingforjaz
Lord Metalrock Megatocks! @ClayCrucible
Lord Flatherton Fantatub! @krinklechip
Lord Oftherings Monkeyflings! @d20monkey
Lady Lorisnap Lippalap! @PhysicistLisa
Lord Tempusroy Dunditoy! @KingChrono
Lady Pollyfire Tumbleshire! @slamonella
Lord Jokerdeck Cuppingpeck! @ConceptCrucible
Lord Fiberloom Ligerdoom! @Milambus
Lord Oontsoonts Dancedance! @deejayeetee
Lady Marimbaband Cucommand! @mightymur
Lord Gristlebeard Hoppybeer! @theome
Lord Gigglesworth Tacosalad @ShawnPurtell
Lord Logarithmic Bonariffic! @loganbonner
Lord Belatedly Blithery! @imprimis5
Lord Scottswerf Kinglederf! @scottking
Lord Troutblast Salmonfast! @KyleHogendyk
Lord Tombadil Dinnerbill! @DenaghDesign
Lord Owlbeard Towelweird! @ProfBeard
Lord Flartshire Floppytire! @jflartner
Lady Millionbuck Dandyduck! @Mirintala
Lady Jessballoom Yeskaboom! @gemsile123
Lord Hoopingharp Loopingcarp! @TheAuthorM
Lord Timternet Lingertet! @dicefoodlodging
Lady Ionicbond Wishingwand! @irene_ravens
Lord Sodaspray Birdofprey! @_attriel_
Lord Kenderco Sugardough! @demo_ken
Lord Supercrates Megaristotle! (History's Greatest Philosopher.) @Nullzone42
Lord Danderfluff Colatuff! @danco
Lord Dentalack Mantleback! @quaidrayn
Lord Derguder Flerbadur! @frequentbeef
Lord Tumblingday Caloocallay! @wiseturtle
Lord Bobbinstick Benderquick! @RMBLees
Lady Riggledent Tournament! @tournevis
Lord Royalmack Weddingquack! @RyanMacklin
Lord Otterloo Potatostew @MikeRiverso
Lord Octotush Cephalobush! @RDNottingham
Lord Reroll Polyhedron! @mc_ellis
Lady Honeycomb Thunderdome! @NightSkyGames
Lord Golfclap Cabbagegap! @strangeasangels
Lord Domokun Flutterloon! @StarEater
Lord Shembassy Flatterly! @jasonmflow
Lady Hubcap Winterlap! @IneptGamer
Lord Warpcore Troubadour! @JohnduBois
Lord Minmax Shadowfax! @ImYourDM
Lord Triceratops Ticklepops! @TheOtherTracy
Lord Tangletooth Butterlooth! @ATerribleIdea
Lord Kobebeef Coralreef! @dr_hobo_jones
Lord Renderblat Yonderflat! @ham2anv
Lord Ludofisk Tubafrisk! @majcher
Lord Tickertape Partycape! @jpudewell
Lord Bagpiper Tyrannostriper! @vagentzero
Lord Marrakend Polyblend! @Mattwilljackson
Lord Harpsichord Megazord! @muskrat_john

If you only knew the grosser names I've been sidelining to be polite. "Poopsworth Dropaton" and the like.


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