Thousand Year Game Design Challenge - August Update

Megan and Daniel on the Road

Retheming For the Fleet [In the Lab]

Notes For the Fleet [In the Lab]

#ForTheFleet [Twitter]

My Life for the Fleet! [In the Lab]

A little gift for my thousandth Twitter follower

The Blinking Game

Ten Days Left to Enter the Thousand-Year Game Design Challenge

I'll give you a pilgrim name! [Twitter]

SageFight Goes International!

The No-No's of Game Design [Seminar]

Patronage and Kickstarter: How to Get Paid Up Front [Seminar]

10 Tips for a Kickstarter Video for a Game Project

New Reviews and Actual Play for Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple

Happy Birthday, Robot!'s Ennie Awards and Indie RPG Awards

Obsidian Portal's Expeditious Interview

Videos of SageFight at GenCon 2011

Thank you for an undeservedly amazing GenCon.

Actual Play of Happy Birthday, Robot! from Google+

Actual Play of Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple


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