Thousand Year Game Design Challenge - August Update

Megan and Daniel on the Road

Retheming For the Fleet [In the Lab]

Notes For the Fleet [In the Lab]

#ForTheFleet [Twitter]

My Life for the Fleet! [In the Lab]

A little gift for my thousandth Twitter follower

The Blinking Game

Ten Days Left to Enter the Thousand-Year Game Design Challenge

I'll give you a pilgrim name! [Twitter]

The No-No's of Game Design [Seminar]

Patronage and Kickstarter: How to Get Paid Up Front [Seminar]

10 Tips for a Kickstarter Video for a Game Project

New Reviews and Actual Play for Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple

Happy Birthday, Robot!'s Ennie Awards and Indie RPG Awards

Obsidian Portal's Expeditious Interview

Actual Play of Happy Birthday, Robot! from Google+

Actual Play of Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple


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