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Watch Action Phase Games demo Kodama: the Tree Spirits at GAMA [Starts 1:56:55]

Action Phase is at GAMA this year promoting their line of really cool games, including my own Kodama: the Tree Spirits ! Check out the recorded Livestream at the link above or click here . Starting at 1:56:55, you can watch Nick Little and Eric Martin from BoardGameGeek talk about the history of the game's development and design. It's really cool! You can pre-order the base game from Action Phase directly here or the deluxe edition here . As an added bonus, you can see them enthusiastically discussing Trickster right after that demo!

6 Games I'm bringing to UnPub 6!

Unpub 6 is in just under a month! I'm bringing almost all of my self-published games to pitch and present, but here are 6 games I'd like to highlight in particular. You may have seen my last post on the subject of "sale sheets" or "summary sheets" , but I've since expanded this to a whole series of at-a-glance summaries for handing out to publishers. Curse You, Robin Hood! You’re a merchant of Sherwood Forest trying to get rich while dodging those thieving Merry Men. Get as much treasure as possible, but not so much that Robin Hood notices you as a target! Koi Pond A zenlike, fast-flowing card game. Collect colorful koi fish and keep your pond as balanced as possible. Monsoon Market In 1405, a Chinese emissary sails the Indian Ocean, reporting the quality of each market along the way. It’s time to get busy! Earn a reputation for accurate orders or rush off any old goods in bulk. It’s a race to earn the fastest fortune in the Monso

Resizing a Hardcover Design [Patreon Sample]

Hello All! Aside from my Card at Work videos available for the general public, I've been recording more of my real-world process as I work through various design problems with actual projects.  This time the session was short enough and the project simple enough that I thought it would be a good example of a typical recording: In this session , I had to resize the cover of Do: Fate of the Flying Temple to new hardcover specs. However, the current dimensions were waaay different than the new dimensions provided by the printer. This video covers a few different photoshop techniques to make the resize as seamless as possible without losing any resolution. - Layer Effects - Gradient Layer Masks - Layer Groups with Layer Effects That's just this session. The other videos go into more detail about advanced InDesign techniques for even more real-world projects.  The entire archive of real-time sessions are available to all $10+ patrons. I hope you find them useful! Please share fre