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Happy Birthday, Robot!

Buy Happy Birthday, Robot! at these fine establishments: Evil Hat   Indie Press Revolution   Drive-Thru RPG   RPGNow   Happy Birthday, Robot! is a storytelling party game for clever kids, gamer parents and fun classrooms. You and your friends tell a story about Robot. Robot meets new friends and learns new things about the world. Robot's world can be different each time you play, but the story always begins the same way: "Happy Birthday, Robot!" Awards Ennie Awards: Nominated for Best Game, Best New Game, Best Production Values, and Product of the Year! Reviews " Happy Birthday Robot is the only game that sits on my desk at work, and that includes the ones I publish." – James Wallis "All in all, the game would fit into any child’s book collection, and doesn’t seem that out of place in a collection of roleplaying games, either." – Gerald Cameron on Critical-Hits "If you are a gamer with children, you should buy this