2012: A Year in the Game Design Lab


InDesign DataMerge Playing Card Example [Free Download]

POLL RESULTS: Familiar Themes vs. Familiar Mechanics

Asteroid Mining Theme with Card Drafting, Rondel Mechanics and Area Control

Super Secret Santa Party Game

I'm Designing a Deck of Cards for Fate!

POLL: Familiar Themes vs. Familiar Mechanics

Riverbanks: An Example of My Game Design Process [In the Lab]

Co-Op Worker Placement Mechanic

The Quentin Tarantino of Game Design? [G*M*S Magazine Interview]

Speaking at Triangle Creative Commons 10-year Celebration

Co-Op/Competitive For the Fleet?

Kickstarter/Crowdfunding Delivery Survey Results

Survey Results: Crowdfunding Project Creator Updates

Further Ramblings on Dung, Dragons, and Collectivist Simultaneous Action Drafting

A Trick-Taking Card Game in Search of a Theme

Odd Idea for Hand Management and Area Control Scoring

POLL: Kickstarter/Crowdfunding Delivery Survey

Happy Thanksgiving, Pilgrims!

Black Friday: Racing Auction Game

Belle of the Ball - Prototype N

Rapid Prototyping vs. Reckless Prototyping: How the Sausage is Made

Mashing up Divinare with Liar's Dice

The Long Quest for a Cards-with-Numbers Game

Tuning the gears: Belles


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