Kickstarter/Crowdfunding Delivery Survey Results

Last week I asked a whole bunch of questions about what you expect as a backer of a crowdfunded project, including communication levels, delivery timelines and satisfaction with what ended up being delivered.

Originally I planned to aggregate all of this data into a nice infographic, but unfortunately it's been an extremely eventful week so I hope it's cool if I just link you to a spreadsheet with the responses. I'll make something else fancy later, promise!

Click here for the results!
Click here for the charts!

Not surprisingly, the vast majority of respondents backed projects in the Games category. That's to be expected given my audience. What surprised me was how many more respondents backed three or more projects. I guess it's not all that shocking, maybe those prolific backers are more inclined to share their opinions on a crowdfunding survey?

Anyhoo, check out those results. Lots of raw data for you number crunchers out there.


  1. Hi! I did check out the link. It is interesting but it would be more very interesting to read with infographics. I'll wait for it.


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