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Triangle games community featured in Indy Week!

(Photo: Alex Boerner) Sayaka Matsuoka from Indy Week did a special article on the tabletop game community in the Triangle area. She interviewed local game designers, store owners, and players! Check it out!

Testing Dry-Erase Markers on DriveThruCards Premium Stock

In my last post, I announced Pencil Park , a co-designed game with Adam McIver. For now the plan is to get a DriveThruCards edition out on the market while the timing is hot for a roll-and-write game. The tricky aspect was the "pencil" part of things. All of my tests had been with sleeved home-printed cards and dry-erase markers. In the off chance DriveThruCards' boxes couldn't fit sleeved cards, I had to test whether the bare stock itself could handle repeated dry-erase marking. Here are my test results! SCIENCE!! In all of these tests, I used relatively fresh Expo brand dry-erase markers and Premium stock DriveThruCards. Obviously I don't live in a lab, so I couldn't control other environmental factors like humidity and temperature, but I hope these results hold true for most home use. Naturally, I tweeted the results as they arrived. Test 1: Black Ink Over Time Experimenting with DriveThruCards Premium Stock and dry-erase markers. Erased with pap

Pencil Park - Design and Development Journal

About a week before UnPub 2017, I posted a weird little idea for a roll-and-write game. I didn't realize how much of a hit it would be until a few days later when I saw dozens of people playing it on home-printed or hand-drawn cards. It's been a fast development process since then, but where did it start? Someone on my twitter feed once described a game mechanism where the arrangement of pips on a dice face could literally be translated to a range of movement on a grid or an arrangement of tiles on a table space. If you're that person, please @ me so I can give you proper credit. Clearly that idea stuck with me for a while, eventually becoming the seed of Pencil Park. Very rough draft of Pencil Park. Reference on one side, playable side on the other. — Daniel Solis (@DanielSolis) March 15, 2017 I've always liked drafting mechanisms that make what you don't choose as meaningful as what you do. In Seasons, the die result that n

'Trickster: Champions of Time' on Kickstarter

Howdy all! Long time no see. It's been a wildly busy couple of months since last year, most of which culminates in this new game from Action Phase Games and Indie Boards and Cards. Trickster: Champions of Time is a big polished update of my old game series Trickster which long-time followers might remember from a few years ago. The art is all new, the base game contains more hero cards, and the expansions planned introduce even more. I handled art direction and Beth Sobel did the illustrations. I'm happy to have a diverse and inclusive cast of characters from across time and space so skillfully depicted in the game. Check out the video above and help spread the word. Thank you!