5 Things I'm Playtesting in Regime

"Curse You, Robin Hood!" seeks playtesters!

New Patreon Tier: Twitch Streaming Graphic Design and Layout

Last day to get my card games by Dec. 24!

Rhombus for the Rest of Us [Isometric Grids in Tabletop]

Watch Kodama: the Tree Spirits Overview from BoardGameGeek.con!

Chinese Editions of Koi Pond and Kigi back in stock!

Card at Work: 5 – Designing Poker Cards and Troubleshooting DataMerge

Stocking Stuffer Sale!

Double Discs: A Speed Puzzle Game Idea

BGGcon Recap: Chrome Ceiling, A New Hope, and the Fun Bits!

Sharewood, a game we playstormed at BGGcon

Preview of Dionysia Jones' Art for Do: Fate of the Flying Temple

Card at Work: 4 - Introduction to DataMerge

Last day to back Kodama: the Tree Spirits on Kickstarter!

Stowaway: A Quick Idea for a Tavern-Style Card Game

8 Quotes for Game Designers from BoardGameGeek's Reiner Knizia Interview

Sale Sheet Sample: Light Rail

Designing Victory and Loss in Games ("Can we just call this one a win?")

Card At Work: 3 - Planning your Card Design

Do: Fate of the Flying Temple - Cover Preview

Making a Living as a Game Designer, and Other Stuff [Going Last Podcast Interview]

Kodama: the Tree Spirits is live on Kickstarter!

Cardamom: Perhaps a Silly Idea


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