Kodama: the Tree Spirits is live on Kickstarter!

Kodama: the Tree Spirits is now live on Kickstarter! In this game, you and the other players are caretakers of the forest and its inhabitants. You must grow a tree as a new home for Kodama, the tree spirits. Each Kodama has its own preferences, so you'll have to grow carefully and select the right adornments to get it just right!

I'm so pleased with how much Action Phase Games has put into this project already. Watch the video below for an overview:

Here's the rulebook or watch the tutorial below for how to play:

To find out more about how Action Phase and I developed a new game based on Kigi, check out this designer diary on BoardGameGeek.

And, of course, back the project to get your copy! US shipping is free and it's EU-friendly! Thanks so much for your support! 🌱