#DS13 in Review

Review of Designing Card Decks with InDesign's DataMerge [Video]

Troll's Dilemma, A Free Microgame in your Pocket

Memory Auction Card Game with an "Hourglass" Deck

Alpha Tests for Princess Mononoke-inspired Board Game

A New Look for Regime Card Game

A Princess Mononoke-inspired Board Game?

Firefly RPG: Echoes of War: Freedom Flyer is now available!

Family-Friendly Bundle of Holding (now including Happy Birthday, Robot!)

Diminishing Returns Mechanisms in Dice-Based Auctions

Royal Draft

Penny Farthing Catapult (Alpha Test)

November 2013 Sales Report

Koi Pond and Nine Lives 10% for 24 hours only!

Do: Fate of the Flying Temple playtest on G+ Hangouts!

How to play Nine Lives Card Game [Video Tutorial]

What's in the lab for Koi Pond?

Nine Lives is Alive!

Production Update on Belle of the Ball

Organic Sumi-e Tree Themed Card Placement Game

My Game Design To-Do List: Set sail or get off the dock.

Carcassonne: Roadbuilders

I have a new portfolio site!

Expedition-Themed Price-Drafting Card Game

Pre-Order the Firefly RPG!

SkillShare Update: How to Make a 3x3 Card Sheet in InDesign DataMerge

Early Thoughts on Pecos Bill's Tornado Rodeo

Rulebooks in POD Card Games

Final Tweaks to Nine Lives Card Game

Regime Card Game: Early Thoughts

Crystal Ben's Cover for the Firefly RPG

October Sales Report


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