Pre-Order the Firefly RPG!

Hello, browncoats! The Firefly RPG is now available for pre-order. Here are the deets straight from MWP:

FIREFLY puts you right in the middle of the action of the wildly popular television series, outrunning Alliance cruisers and trading bullets with fearsome bounty hunters, folk who want what you have or want to put out the light of hope that you represent. This game uses a freewheelin’ version of the award-winning Cortex Plus System to bring the ‘Verse to life at your table or online, including extensive rules and guidelines for creating a crew and resolving dramatic action. Also included are ship plans, system charts, an episode guide and more.

Writers: Monica Valentinelli, Mark Diaz Truman, Brendan Conway, Jack Norris and Dean Gilbert
Additional Contributions: Margaret Weis, Rob Weiland, PK Sullivan, Dave Chalker, Cam Banks, Phil Menard and Tony Lee
Developers: Monica Valentinelli and Mark Diaz Truman
Editors: Amanda Valentine, Sally Christensen and Alex Perry
Art: Crystal Ben, Kurt Komoda, Marie Bergeron, James Nelson, Christopher West and Ben Mund
Design: Daniel Solis
MWP 7020 - ISBN: 978-1-936685-32-5
Hardcover - Color - 360 Pages

Projected in Stores: February 18, 2014

Order from us or a Preferred Retailers and you receive the PDF for Free - once it's live!
And did you know there are already several brand new quickstart PDF adventures available? Check out the Firefly: Echoes of War line on DriveThruRPG.


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