Do: Fate of the Flying Temple playtest on G+ Hangouts!

Mark Diaz Truman has been designing the Fate Accelerated version of Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple we're calling Do: Fate of the Flying Temple. This is a much more accessible RPG format for tabletop gamers, built on the very popular Accelerated version of the Fate Core engine. Mark was kind enough to host a playtest on Indie+ for some Do fans!

The storyline in this game is set some time after a pilgrimage, when the pilgrims return to the temple to find it has disappeared! In its place is a single dragon egg that is just about to hatch. It's up to the pilgrims to find out what happened to the temple, how their impressionable baby dragon is involved, all while still helping people and getting into trouble.

Here are the pilgrims:

Pilgrim Festive Blanket (Aaron)
   Avatar: Welcoming and open
   Banner: You gotta fight for your right to par-tay!
   Dragon: Helpful instincts
    Good (+3): Flashy
    Fair (+2): Forceful, Clever
    Average (+1): Careful, Quick
    Mediocre (+0): Sneaky
    Party Guy -- +2 to Quickly Overcome when trying to find people.
Fate Points: 2
Stress: [ ] [ ] [x]

Pilgrim Leaden Chain (Paul)
   Avatar: “That’s Three Times You Promised”
   Banner: Inertia of Thought
   Dragon: Being of Elemental Fire
    Good (+3): Careful
    Fair (+2): Forceful, Sneaky
    Average (+1): Clever, Flashy
    Mediocre (+0):  Quick
    Methodical Planning -- I get +2 to Carefully create an advantage when I have time to notice all the small details.
Fate Points: 1
Stress: [x] [x] [ ]

Pilgrim Feisty Dragon (Todd)
   Avatar: A scrappy ex-fighter that jumps to into danger to save others.
   Banner: Always ready to go and seldoms looks before he leaps.
   Dragon: Telepathic Link
    Good (+3): Forceful
    Fair (+2): Flashy, Quick
    Average (+1):  Careful, Clever
    Mediocre (+0): Sneaky
Fate Points: 2

Our Aspects
Temple Aspect: The Flying Temple is Missing!
Letter Aspect: Juku and Ishita Are Going to Collide
Scene Aspects:
  Swirling Field of Debris [x]
  Nearby Planets [x]
  Beautiful, Scaled Egg [x]
  The Egg Unwritten [x] [x]
  We’re Going to Be Okay [x]
  Corridor of Debris B[x]
  It’s Just a Cloak [x]


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