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Welcome, Drabblecast Listeners!

It's the last month of fundraising and the results so far have remained astonishing. We're double the initial fundraising goal to print the first run of the game. Pre-orders continue apace and all pledges help defray the costs of sending free games to libraries and schools. To help with the effort, we're bringing out the big guys. All this month, the fantastic weekly short fiction podcast The Drabblecast will be promoting Happy Birthday, Robot! The Drabblecast brings excellent audio short fiction, music and many other auditory delights each week. On episode 161, you can hear master storyteller and audiowizard Norm Sherman's excellent reading the "Switcheroo Machine" story. Here's a link to the episode. You can comment on the episode on the Drabblecast forums . Stay tuned for further Robotic fun from the whole Drabblecast crew!

Shane Knysh reviews Happy Birthday, Robot!

Shane Knysh played Happy Birthday, Robot! with his family and gives it glowing remarks. "Explaining the rules only took a few minutes and we were into the game quickly." "It is the perfect game to introduce younger players and to players who are just starting to play story games." Yay! :D This is one of the stories Shane, his daughter and wife created: Happy Birthday, Robot! Robot is having fun in the long brick factory and she is playing games. Robots name is Judy Junkette but her nickname is Flowerbot. Sam chases Robot around the factory and also chases a little white mouse. Robot hides behind a metal furnace and Sam catches Frankie the mouse. Sam (a large, male black cat) shouts, "And you are it - Frankie!", but Frankie tags back! Suddenly! Robot hears a dog bark coming from outside the factory and Robot yells "Home free!" The game is over. The End. Yay again! Glad the family had fun, Shane! (You can see more of Shane's r