Game Design Tip: Don't alliterate game terms.

Game Design Outside the Euro-American Binary

Monsoon Market art, inspired by Jamini Roy

Inspiration: The Art of Jamini Roy (1887-1972)

Geeking Out about Card Distribution: Multi-Triangle Card Deck

New Tabletop Game Icons for April

Game Design Conversation with Kory Heath, TC Petty, Daniel Solis

Cargo-Themed Trick-Taking for Monsoon Market

Conversation with Kory Heath: Game Design Process and Standards [Video]

Bird Bucks

Mentoring Jaren Maddock's Card Game Graphic Design (Google Helpouts)

"Are you STILL not afraid of someone stealing your idea?"

More Game Icons on Patreon!

"Boom and Bust" Set Collection Mechanism

TEN PEN the Card-Sliding Game is now on DriveThruCards!

March 2014 Sales Report


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