November 2013 Sales Report

Time for a look back on November 2013 and take stock of how business is going. (You can see past sales reports here.) This month saw the launch of Nine Lives in the middle of the month, which boosted overall sales while other products were approaching their long-tail phase of life. That's always the plan, launch a new product right at that moment and hopefully the staggered schedule will be sustainable for my ol' brain. More on that in a bit. First, the numbers. Note month-by-month sales growth is noted in italics.

15x Koi Pond: A Coy Card Game -3 from Oct
8x Koi Pond: Four Walls (Promo Card 2) -2 from Oct
7x Koi Pond: Four Winds (Promo Card 1) -3 from Oct
14x Suspense: the Card Game -1 from Oct
19x Nine Lives Card Game
$509.40 Retail
$197.99 Royalties

Grand Totals To Date
459 Products Sold (+63 from Oct)
$2,713.43 Retail (+$509.40 from Oct)
$686.04 Royalties Earned (+$197.99 from Oct)

Note, I spent about $40 in review copies to send out seven review copies to various reviewers. This technically is taken out of my royalties for the month. I'm not adjusting the sales reports to reflect that, but it's something worth noting since it's effectively almost a quarter of the month's profits.

Right, so a note about scheduling. I was perhaps too ambitious hoping I could get a new product out each month leading into the holidays. My freelance work (which is how I actually make a living) is quite busy this time of year as publishers try to head off Chinese New Year's annual two-week factory slow-down. So unfortunately, I'm going to have to delay Koi Pond: Moon Village a month, perhaps two.

Very sorry if that's a disappointment to folks eagerly waiting for it, but take heart that it will come out! As will many more games to come in 2014! I'm committed to making this venture work in the long-term. My big ambitious goal is that by this time next year, I can pay a month's rent with monthly earnings from my games.


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