Spooky! Trickster: Monsters and Trickster: Supers are available for playtesting!

Happy October, everyone! I'm happy to announce Trickster: Monsters and Trickster: Supers are now available for playtesting! All playtesters are welcome, but I'm looking for a mix of experienced Trickster players and totally new players. Please share your feedback before October 31 2015, email gobi81 at gmail dot com or on twitter @DanielSolis.

The theme for Trickster: Monsters is "Haunted Houses," which is sort of a pun. All of the effects in this set can trigger a second time if your target opponent has this character in their House already. This makes your initial choice of card during the setup particularly dangerous because you're making yourself a target.

--> Download Trickster: Monsters PnP PDF here.

The theme for Trickster: Supers is "Power," which is fitting! It's sort of the reverse of Monsters, because each effect in this set can trigger a second time if you have the hero in your House already. In this set, having cards in your house is a source of strength. This is meant to emulate superheroes getting beaten up a bit before recovering with renewed purpose.

--> Download Trickster: Supers PnP PDF here.

Thanks so much! I hope you enjoy these two new spins on the Trickster game family!


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