New Patreon Tier: Twitch Streaming Graphic Design and Layout

For the past few weeks, I've been practicing streaming my work on Twitch. You can see some of the archived broadcasts on my profile page here:

I'm still learning the ropes and trying to figure out the technical issues. For now, I'm saving some archived highlights publicly on youtube, as you can see above and on my youtube channel here:

My main issue at the moment is that my archived streams are cutting off upwards of 20 minutes early for some reason. If anyone knows how to fix that, I'd be very grateful. For now I'm recording a local copy of stream. I will save those archived videos to youtube as Unlisted videos. That means only people who have the URL will be able to watch the video.

So that brings me to my well-buried lead: I have a new $10 tier on my Patreon page! I'll post archived twitch streams for $10+ patrons, along with as many files from that stream as I'm able. They'll still be viewable on Twitch for about two weeks after the initial broadcast, but for posterity they'll only be accessible to folks with access.

Upcoming streams include art editing for Do: Fate of the Flying Temple from Evil Hat Productions, RPG book layout for Karthun from Exploding Rogue, various card game prototypes, and much more. I hope you dig it!


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