Sale Sheet Sample: Light Rail

Light Rail - Board Game Sale Sheet - Sell Sheet

I'm going to BoardGameGeekcon for the first time this year and I'm a little nervous! I'm pitching games in a more formal context than I've ever done before. Until now, I've sold three US card games and several international licenses without going through the usual face-to-face pitches and meetings. But it's time to step up a little and do more legwork.

Part of that is making a sale sheet for the games I intend to pitch. Usually sale sheets are sent from a publisher to a distributor as a promotion to get the products out to retailers. In this case, my sheets are one step before that process, going from designer to publisher. Different demands in that case. I followed advice from Jay Cormier and Sen-Foong Lim back in this post from five years ago. I also looked at the Akrotiri sale sheet posted a year later, since I'm a big fan of how that game ended up.

As Jay and Sen recommend, I'll be bringing this sheet and others along with me as a quick pitch tool without having to set up a complete game on the spot. These also make handy leave-behinds with my business cards.

You can download the PDF of Light Rail's sale sheet here. Happy to take feedback!


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