Double Discs: A Speed Puzzle Game Idea

I've been told in the past that speed puzzle games don't really sell well, but I saw a lot of Dimension and Dr. Eureka being played at BGGcon, so surely there's some room for that category in the market. Here's a quick idea for a speed puzzle game:

You have 16 discs featuring conceptual pairs on either side of each disc: cat/mouse, dry/wet, sun/moon, city/country, plus/minus etc.

Flip a puzzle card. Two teammates must arrange the discs in the correct shape, with the correct sides visible, within the 30-sec time limit. In the example above, you'd score 1 point for for each disc in the correct position with the correct face visible.

Then you swap out teammates La Boca style and tally individual points across several puzzles.

It's a start, but the kind of component-based design I'm going to develop more often as I explore game ideas beyond the chrome ceiling.