Megan and Daniel on the Road

We're on the road for the next several days, on our way to Durham. Our internet might not be up yet for a few days after we arrive, so posts will be a little less frequent, too.

Re: The Thousand-Year Game Design Challenge, it's unfortunate timing that our move begins the same day as the last day of entries. But hey, that's how things happen. I'll post a round up of entries as of the 30th tonight and a later round up with the entries as of the 31st. That post will come as soon as we have internet access again.

Re: Game Design: I'll tinker with some stuff for For The Fleet as well as other games in the lab while we wait for internet access. There is no shortage of stuff to work on, so I suspect there will be plenty of new developments to discuss.

Wish us well on the long drive! We'll see you in North Carolina!


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