Listed in BoardGameGeek's "10 Designers Doing Exciting Things"

NateStraight of BoardGameGeek just posted a Top Ten list of Designers Doing Exciting Things. He's apparently been keeping an eye on my output for a while. Apparently I'm an eclectic folk game designer.

"I think we need more game designers willing to take the organic, human, asymmetric, serendipitous approach to game design that Daniel seems to be taking."

Heh! Nate cites Happy Birthday, Robot!, Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple, Belle of the Ball, t-shirts, the Thousand-Year Game Design Challenge, and my various weird musings. Thanks, Nate!

I'm glad he gives a shout out to John Clowdus, too. He and his wife run Small Box Games is specifically geared towards more 2+ player games with quick setup, modest footprint and rewarding replay value. (Usually card games.) Sounds like a mission right out of my own wheelhouse. I'll have to take a closer look at Bhazum especially.


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