The Thousand-Year Game Design Challenge

1,000-Year Game Design Challenge
UPDATE: The submission period has closed and here are the entries. If you're an entrant, continue sending pics or vids of people playing your game. The first step to a game lasting a thousand years is for people to play it today.

UPDATE 2: And here's the winner!

To support games designed for longevity – that can be learned, played and shared for hundreds of years – we offer this challenge to any game designers, artists and imaginative people who also share this desire.

Create a game. The game can be of any theme or genre you desire, but there is one restriction: You're creating a "new classic," like Chess, Tag or card games. So, create a game to be enjoyed by generations of players for a thousand years.

$1,000 to the winning entrant, to be announced and awarded January 1, 2012.

Entry Deadline
Entries must be submitted before midnight July August 31st, 2011. (Update)

Entry Guidelines
Enter by posting a comment below with a link to your game. Your game may be take the form of a public text+images or video. Guidelines for either format are as follows:

Text+Images: Describe your game on a blog post, google doc, or on any other public forum. Maximum Word Count: 1,000 words. All text entries require at least one image, preferably as a part of an example of play. Include as many more images as you feel necessary.

Video: A video posted on YouTube. Maximum Length: 1,000 seconds, or roughly fifteen minutes. Include an explanation of the rules and any examples of play.

In addition, your entry may include an interactive demo of your game, playable online. This is not required, but will certainly make it easier to play and judge your entry.

All humans are eligible to enter. You may submit your entry as an individual or as a group. Please make either clear in your entry, so that the prize can be awarded accurately. (Only one entry per person/group.)

Entries must be previously unpublished.

Lastly, all entries must include a link to Feel free to include any of these banners, if you wish.

After July 31st, 2011, entrants are encouraged to continue sharing images, videos and anecdotes of people playing their games.

Judging Considerations
Entries will be judged by me and my wife. We'll judge entries according to a few different criteria. We'll try to be fair, but we're only human. That being the case, here's how to earn our favor. They're not hard and fast rules, but definitely ways to win our hearts.

Elegance: Entries should be easy to learn, teach and play. We favor entries that can be explained succinctly and played in under an hour. The 1000-word limit on text entries allows the equivalent of two pages of room to explain the rules of your game, more if you have a lot of pictures. The 1000-second time limit on video entries allows about fifteen minutes, plenty to explain the premise and rules of your entry.

Accessibility: In presenting your entry, feel free to explain the environment in which you anticipate your game being played. Orbital Colonies? Crowded cities? Nomadic prairie lands? Either way, we favor games that can be played by most people, most of the time, in most places. We also favor games that use few specialized equipment or props. When such equipment must be used, we favor the use of sustainable resources.

Fun: Entries should be "fun," for lack of a less subjective word. For a game to last a millennium, it must have enough replay value to keep it alive that long. Share images, videos and stories of people playing your game. Games with a thriving fan base and community are favored.

Entrants keep any and all legal rights to their games. Winning this prize is not a business transaction. You may do with the prize what you wish.

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