[Do] Monday Night Group - Episode 3

Actual Play of Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple
This is a story created by playing Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple.

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The Pilgrims

Pilgrim Clumsy Mirror gets into trouble by falling down on things and helps people by creating an illusion. (Jenn)
World Destiny: 6
Temple Destiny: 6

Pilgrim Pugnacious Cookie gets into trouble by picking fights, and helps them with his selection of tasty baked goods. (Mark)
World Destiny: 5
Temple Destiny: 6

Pilgrim Revolting Boot gets in trouble by rousing rabble and helps people with his indestructible boots. (Daniel)
World Destiny: 7
Temple Destiny: 6

The Letter

"Once Upon a Time" by Peter Aronson

The Story

Pilgrim Clumsy Mirror lands in the royal throne room, squarely stepping on the cat king's tail.

Pilgrim Clumsy Mirror quickly jumped up and waved her hands shouting "We have arrived isn't this wonderful!"

Pilgrim Pugnacious Cookie picks a fight with nobles about the cleanliness of the kitchen

Pilgrim Revolting Boot distracts the offended nobles by complimenting their boots and comparing them to his own.

Unfortunately, one of the decorations on Pilgrim Revolting Boot's footware bore an uncanny resemblance to the silver rat, causing distress.

Pilgrim Clumsy Mirror spins around in a circle with the three ribbons declaring "Calico cat! do not worry about his boots for they mean we come in peace!"

Pilgrim Clumsy Mirror's ribbons get caught on the cat king's elaborately spindled crown, knocking it clear across the room into the paws of the stinky, half-dead silver rat.

Pilgrim Pugnacious Cookie tosses a pair of cheese buns in opposite directions, causing the bifurcated rat to head after both, leaving the crown behind in the middle.

The cat cries out at Pilgrim Pugnacious Cookie "Stop feeding the rat - it is a sin against the name of the childless old king"

Pilgrim Revolting Boot grabs the crown and runs about to the balcony with it raised over his head

Pilgrim Revolting Boot explains to the crowd that he is merely keeping the crown safe in his indestructible boot, while the zombie silver rat tries to usurp the throne – Nothing to worry about.

Pilgrim Clumsy Mirror fetches the cat king's Sword of Swiftness, but trips and drops it out the window, shattering it against the stones below.

Pilgrim Clumsy Mirror shouts "look I have broken the spell by breaking the sword!"

"Look I have broken the spell by breaking the sword" shouts Pilgrim Clumsy Mirror to the naive people below

Pilgrim Pugnacious Cookie, knowing the shortest way to a cat's heart, bribes it with fishy goldfish crackers.

Pilgrim Revolting Boot floats outside the balcony holding the king's crown, luring one half of the silver rat to its edge.

Pilgrim Revolting Boot drops the crown into the crowd of people from the kingdom causing a massive riot

Pilgrim Clumsy Mirror attempts to fool the other half of the silver rat into chasing her away by putting on the three-cornered hat of red leather, but she gets caught in a mouse trap in the castle corridors.

Pilgrim Pugnacious Cookie screams over to the silver rat on the balcony "Get over here rat so that we can duel!"

Pilgrim Revolting Boot swings one boot in a threatening manner, clearing away the crowd so he can gather up the crown and the sword's shards.

Pilgrim Clumsy Mirror takes a piece of glass out of her pocket and holds it up to see over the mouse trap and find the exit.

Pilgrim Clumsy Mirror tumbles down to the castle lobby where the Kingdom Guards see her, still caught in the mouse trap, and attack her because she is obviously the rat.

Pilgrim Pugnacious Cookie attacks the rat with a loaf of french bread and an edge of sharpest cheddar, swinging from chandeliers and swashing buckles.

The other half of the rat turns away from the corridor and rushes over to fight Pilgrim Pugnacious Cookie who has just landed in front of the Cat.

While fending off the crowd, somebody points out that Pilgrim Revolting Boot shares a birthmark with the old king, suggesting that he is the rightful son and heir.

Pilgrim Revolting Boot puts his shoe back on, covering the birthmark on his left heel and flies to the safety of the castle walls, now straining to hold the pounding crowds outside.

Pilgrim Clumsy Mirror is now in custody of the guards and says "look over there it is the real King!" causing the guards to turn and let her go.

Pilgrim Clumsy Mirror's escape leads her through the main castle gates, opening them to the torrent of kingdom folk.

The two halves of the rats come back together just as Pilgrim Pugnacious Coookie swings around the cat by it's tail, flinging it into the rat's mouth and down into the stomach.

Pilgrim Revolting Boot commands his new followers to calm the heck down, getting them to march into the throne room, with the guards, to help Pugnacious Cookie's battle with the calico cat's guards.

Pilgrim Revolting Boot, accidentally fulfilling prophecy by carrying the crown, wielding the Sword of Swiftness and saving the kingdom, is mobbed by those demanding that he take the crown.

Epilogue: Parades

Pilgrim Clumsy Mirror is set free after the three pilgrims pull out the cat (by it's tail) and she ties the three magical ribbons around the cat's neck (healing it of course from the yuck inside the rat)

Pilgrim Pugnacious Cookie hands out confections to celebrate the coronation of the new king, and stakes his place in the palace kitchen, as the new royal chef.

Pilgrim Revolting Boot reluctantly takes the throne, but demands that he not be called Pilgrim in Boots!


World Destiny: 8
Temple Destiny: 12
Temple Destiny Wins: Pilgrim Clumsy Mirror flies back to the temple with the cat and the two learn how to solve mirror mazes together

World Destiny: 10
Temple Destiny: 6
World Destiny Wins: (Former Pilgrim) Pugnacious Cookie, now Obesity-Pandemic Cookie, puts the kingdom on the map as royal chef, with his creative confections and bizarre baking.

World Destiny: 12
Temple Destiny: 9
World Destiny Wins: King Boot spends the rest of his days ruling this odd little world, but at least it beats schlepping across the universe running errands.


Phew! This was an episode where we all had to be on top of our game to get a Parades ending, but the draws weren't co-operating. We all started with destinies that were relatively even. In time, it was obvious that if we could choose our pilgrim's destiny or save the world, but not both.

The way we drew, Jenn had to tip her scales towards the temple while Mark and I stayed on-world. It was a great session and a good example of how I envisioned a full Pilgrimage.

Thanks very much to Jenn Wong and Mark Sherry for an excellent game.


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