[Do] Saturday Night Group - Episode 3

Actual Play of Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple
This is a story created by playing Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple.

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The Pilgrims

Pilgrim Reckless Syllogism gets into trouble because he can't control where he's going and helps people by pointing out logical flaws. (Matt)
World Destiny: 4
Temple Destiny: 8

Pilgrim Marvelous Cat gets into trouble by overdoing things and helps people by sneaking around. (Raven)
World Destiny: 2
Temple Destiny: 6

Pilgrim Favorite Shirt gets in trouble by being soooo familiar and helps people by drawing away danger. (Daniel)
World Destiny: 6
Temple Destiny: 5

The Letter

"Spun of Crystal and Gold" by Sophie Lagacé

The Story

Pilgrim Reckless Syllogism gives new meaning to "first contact" when he misses his landing on Amber Carnelian's balcony, colliding into her and sending them both tumbling through the air.

Pilgrim Reckless Syllogism picks himself and Amber off the ground, dusts them both off, and apologizes profusely for his clumsy navigation.

With everyone distracted by Pilgrim Reckless Syllogism, Pilgrim Marvelous Cat sneaks into Grandfather Graymist's bedroom and gives him a bit of the Temple's finest medicines (and they really are fine, the best, because Marvelous Cat would settle for nothing less)!

Suddenly, the DOCTORS burst in on Pilgrim Marvelous Cat and Lord Graymist, exclaiming loudly about the pilgrim practicing medicine without a license.

Pilgrim Favorite Shirt bears a striking resemblance to the chief of medicine and confidently grants pilgrim Marvelous Cat a license to practice, convincing the doctors that he is fully competent.

On the heels of the licensure grant, Uncle Victor bursts into the room behind the doctors, dragging with him the REAL chief of medicine, shouting, "That man is an impostor! Arrest Him!"

Meanwhile, Pilgrim Reckless Syllogism tells Amber he has arrived as part of the temple delegation, and asks to see some of these fantastic AUTOMATONS at the heart of this crisis.

Amber begins to say, "Oh, just around the corner –" and Pilgrim Reckless Syllogism barges towards the estate, triggering the secret weapons in the security system before Amber has a chance to tell him how to deactivate them.

During the ruckus, Pilgrim Marvelous Cat slips away and finds a large, interesting row of buttons and switches, which he proceeds to push and throw until the "Secret Weapon Armed" light flips off.

However, in shutting down the security system, Pilgrim Marvelous Cat inadvertently shuts *everything* down on GRAYMIST ESTATE, including the generators powering the nearby town.

Pilgrim Favorite Shirt accuses the Chief of Medicine of being the fake while slipping him a few gold coins as a bribe to go along with the ruse.

While journeying through the now darkened corridors of the Graymist Estate, Pilgrim Reckless Syllogism points out to AMBER that Uncle Victor would have no claim to the "dangerous" automatons if they weren't owned by her grandfather - such as if they owned by the military or the kingdom as a whole.

Pilgrim Reckless Syllogism trips in the darkened corridor, stumbles down the stairs and knocks down Uncle Victor, who defends himself with a clockwork electro-gun.

Pilgrim Marvelous Cat uselessly toggles some switches and pushes some buttons in the dark, then stumbles over a generator which kicks on, restoring power to everything...including the automatons, which activate and begin to move.[1]

Upon hearing Pilgrim Favorite Shirt's voice, the recently drugged Grandfather Graymist suddenly sits up in bed, to the consternation of the doctors, and calls out, "Son! Son? Is that you? Where have you been all these years?"

Pilgrim Favorite Shirt uses this mistaken identity as an opportunity, shouting "Yes, it's me, father! I've been away on whale-business selling cabbages. I must leave again soon, but before I go, I want you to sign over the automatons to Amber, she's ready for the responsibility."

With power restored, Uncle Victor's gunfire activates the defense automatons' lightning cannons, trapping Reckless Syllogism and Amber in the crossfire.

Unsatisfied with simply restoring power, Pilgrim Marvelous Cat puts the generator into overdrive, causing the massive CLOCKWORK assembly to shake violently and pieces to begin to rain down on the overzealous pilgrim.

Grandfather Graymist wonders if the the cabbages have driven his son mad, because Amber is still too young for such responsibilities, and demands the doctors give Pilgrim Favorite Shirt a complete physical to make sure he doesn't have any cabbage inside his head.

Pilgrim Reckless Syllogism points out that Uncle Victor might not want to shoot up the very automatons he wants so desperately to control.

Victor agrees, tossing Pilgrim Reckless Syllogism the gun, making it seem to the AUTOMATONS that he is the sole threat to security in the lab, so they concentrate fire on him.

Pilgrim Marvelous Cat realizes - too late! - that the secret control room isn't shaking because he's pushed the generator into overdrive, but because the secret control room is actually the head of the largest of all the automatons - and it's in the process of lifting off!

Pilgrim Favorite Shirt shouts to the doctors, "This whole estate is shaking apart and you're concerned about a physical? You're all disbarred! GOOD DAY!"

Epilogue: Pitchforks!

Pilgrim Reckless Syllogism tries to persuade the defense automatons chasing him that their pursuit is illogical - tries and fails, as they are masters of logic.

After all the automatons are finally shut down--at least they think--and much devastation and destruction, including the complete destruction of the Graymist estate, pilgrim Marvelous Cat's face is known everywhere and to everyone for the considerable bounty on the head of "The Master of Automatons" as the people call him.

The doctors chase away Pilgrim Favorite Shirt and place a quarantine on the whole planet to prevent any further temple meddling.

Destiny [2]

World Destiny: 6
Temple Destiny: 7
Temple Destiny Wins: Marvelous Cat returns to the temple and becomes a cook, avoiding clockwork and generators and using good, natural fire for cooking...BIG natural fires, but hey, they bake best...

World Destiny: 9
Temple Destiny: 10
Temple Destiny Wins: Pilgrim Reckless Syllogism, bitter at his failure to use logic to make the worlds better places, returns to the temple to teach new pilgrims a new discipline: illogic.

World Destiny: 9
Temple Destiny: 11
Temple Destiny Wins: After a brief brush with medicine and counterfeiting, Monk Favorite Shirt brands a new line of healing outerwear ("Favorite Shirt's Favorite Shirts") designed to protect the pilgrims from worldly dangers.


[1] At this point, Matt couldn't cross off a goal word because his pilgrim was in trouble Still, he used that goal word anyway so that it would be more natural to for another player to use it on their turn. This is now a strong bit of advice in the current full draft of the game.

[2] This was one of two games where all the players ended up with Temple destinies. As yet, there hasn't been a game where everyone got World destinies. Odd, eh?


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