Megan and Daniel Play ________

Megan and Daniel play
Starting next week, and continuing intermittently, Megan and I will share our thoughts on games we play. Not-quite-reviews from an active married couple who love playing all sorts of games. Generally we'll focus on games we actually enjoy, so these will all be pretty positive.

Currently on the docket:

Last Word
Word on the Street
Jungle Speed
Catan Card Game
Race for the Galaxy
3 Stones

We're curious. What would you like to see in these features?


  1. What features do you each enjoy? Did you each like it right from the start? Do you each win about the same amount of time? If not, do you use a handicap? Do you use any house rules? Are there certain conditions or moods that lend themselves to this game being played? When do you play it? Do you prefer it as two player or with more? What are your thoughts on it from a visual design perspective? What would your rate it (see for a great set of descriptions for a 1-10 scale)

    Please pardon my rambling, but there are some ideas of the types of things I'd be interested in reading about.

    BTW Chrome seems to hate your commenting system, at least on my machines. :(

  2. Thanks! I'll be sure to incorporate those points in our reviews.

    RE: Comments: Dang, that's odd considering Google runs Chrome and Blogger.

  3. We do, too, but there's to much to say about it on its own. We'll probably talk about it in relation to Rumis and Gemblo

  4. are these games that you and Megan are playing on your own or with a group of people? I'm curious to find some games that Jon and I could play alone and quickly on week nights.

    Actually, something that took longer to play and could be spread out over a whole week would be fun, too.

  5. A little of both. We play alone and with other couples. We'll definitely cover that.

    Re: Weeklong Play: We actually leave out a turn-based abstract game out in the house. Whenever we have a chance, we'll take a turn and move a little marker to note that it's the other player's turn. Right now we have a game of 3 Stones sitting out by the dining room.


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