The Leftovers in "The Room of Spiky Things"

The Leftovers return to the call of adventure and cowardice in The Room of Spiky Things, suggested by you, the viewers! Here you'll find all the hazards you'd expect, like a cactus, stalagmites, rakes and mohawks. New tools are also available, like punch, a comb... and the crown. But wait, new dangers abound!

If you're the unfortunate soul to land a word on this space, you'll lose one of your precious items. Say goodbye to the celery from the Bunny's Burrow. Sniff farewell to the cologne you picked up in the Pit.

This space requires two words to be filled instead of just one! All the better to slow down your progress so the Monster can eat your sniveling heroes. Test your wit and might against The Room of Spiky Things.

» Download: The Room of Spiky Things


  1. Thanks so much for these :D This game is awesome and I'm really glad there all these fun maps for it ;)


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