Skippy's cannibalistic Happy Birthday, Robot!

Scott Merrill heard about Happy Birthday, Robot! from the promos on the Drabblecast. Here's the story he and his friends created:

Robot met an old friend, but he was different.
Robot was saddened with disbelief, but smiled broadly.
Robot said exactly what he felt, "One arm suits you!"
Robot's friend frowned and took off running, but came back.
Robot said, "Excuse me, I though you knew that I eat appendages."
"Specifically, your's and my brother's."
A foot fell off Robot's friend, who exclaimed "Mon frere!"
Robot's eye widened and he reached for his friend's purple face.
Robot ripped his nose and screamed "I'll enjoy you, friend/brother!"
Robot hugged his brother tightly.
They both wept.
Robot chewed slowly.

Oh my. With friends like these, who needs snacks? I guess that just goes to show how the average Drabblecast listener plays the game. Remind me to be cautious if I'm ever invited to dinner by Scott's friends.

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