My favorite game console is a table and chairs.

Man, I'm kind of on a t-shirt kick right now. I said this on Twitter today and some people wanted a t-shirt. These shirts are now available from my CafePress store.

» Graphic licensed on Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike: Vector EPS
» UPDATE: By popular request, here's a new commonwealth version.


  1. Nice. When next I get paid, I may have to order one of these.
    Speaking of which, would you recommend CafePress? I've been thinking about getting some of my t-shirt designs out there, but haven't really had the capital or space to make my own inventory.

  2. I think they earned a reputation for low quality in their early years that's been hard for me to shake. I tried a competitor for a while that had more options for graphic placement, but I got very little traffic. I tried CafePress again soon after and there have been no complaints so far. :)

  3. Purchased one. Loved it.


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