Kickstarter Tier for Naming Rights in Belle of the Ball

Assume the base price for Belle of the Ball is somewhere between $15 and $20. As a part of a future Kickstarter campaign, I'm offering the option to name all the Guests and Belles. There are 96 Guests and 8 Belles.

What is your suggested dollar amount for a tier with the following rewards?
  • A copy of the game.
  • Credit as a backer.
  • You can name a Guest.

Folks on Twitter suggested something around $50 for the Guests' names, a bit more than that for the Belles' names due to the rarity. If all the cards were claimed at that level, the total would cover the art budget! Very tempting.

When I put the idea out on Twitter, a few suggested that I name all the Guests and Belles to maintain creative integrity. If that's the prevailing opinion, I may compromise and simply list the backer's name in a fancy Victorian ribbon that reads something like "Invited by _____."

Also, if you have some other ideas for Kickstarter rewards, I'm happy to hear 'em. (Preferably rewards that won't potentially delay production, such as likenesses in art.)
Daniel Solis
Art Director by Day. Game Designer by Night.