Princess Bride: As You Wish

Good news! The card game I pitched to a couple years ago is almost ready for kickstarter! Game Salute is releasing a set of three individual Princess Bride themed card games by Phillip DuBarry, Matthew O' Malley and yours truly!

Back it on Kickstarter!

My entry is called Princess Bride: As You Wish, it's inspired by the really neat drafting mechanisms in the 2-player variant of Antoine Bauza's Little Prince game. As You Wish expands on those ideas to up to 6 players, mixing in more interactive set collection, and making turn order based on the prior round's draft. All the while, you're remixing the key scenes and characters of Princess Bride into your own personal love story.

I'd love it if you could look over the rulebook and offer any feedback for making the rules clearer. I think GS did a really good job so far, but more eyes always helps! Thanks!


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