A La Kart - Open Call for March Beta Testers

A La Kart is ready for open playtests! A La Kart captures the fast-paced tactical fun of kart racing video games in a short strategy card game. Here's a quick description of the game and what I need from playtesters.

The Game

Players collect tasty power-ups, modify their engine, and win trophies across three courses of food-themed racing action. This playtest pack will have enough cards for 2-4 players.

Each player has their own preconstructed deck of 12 cards, tailored to a unique play style. Sugar, Spice, Fish, and Chips will be in the first playtest pack.
  • Sugar stays in the middle of the pack, letting other reckless racers hit hazards first so she can pick up what they drop.
  • Spice doesn't mind those hazards, she's driving full throttle all the way to claim top trophies. 
  • Fish is the planner, diving deep into a decision-tree to find exactly the right maneuver at the right time.
  • Chips is the wrecker, sacrificing speed for maximum impact. Who needs to be fastest when you're the last one driving?

Each pair of racers also comes with its own set of track cards, which can be standalone for two players or shuffled together for three or more players. The first playtest pack will include Sundae Speedway and The Autobun.
  • Sundae Speedway: Collect chocolate, vanilla, strawberry to earn points. If you get a neapolitan set, you get extra points! Delicious!
  • The Autobun: Collect sandwich toppings to make a big sandwich! But watch out, you might spend all your time getting toppings but forget to get any bread!

Want to playtest?

If you and a few friends can commit to playtesting A La Kart before March 31, 2015,
I'll send you a PDF in about a week. If you like, I can add you to a mailing list for A La Kart playtesters to share their thoughts with each other. The mailing list is entirely optional, but it'll be nice for playtesters to share their experiences.

Hope to hear from you soon!

(Original Art and animated GIF by Kaitlynn Peavler)