Testing Updates to Monsoon Market

I'm in the process of updating Monsoon Market to make it more suitable for publisher pitches. I still enjoy this little game, but a few wrinkles have shown more prominently over the years of feedback and I am taking this opportunity to smooth them out.

Check out the current live rules doc here.

There haven't been any changes to the cards themselves, so if you own a POD copy already you're still good. It's mainly procedural tweaks and streamlining.

  • Bonus Goods are spent, no longer permanent. When you spend a good, you note its expenditure by upgrading the Order to silver.
  • Replenish the Market or Orders display at the end of your turn instead of immediately.
  • You only get Bonus Actions if you fulfill an Order at Gold or Silver accuracy.
  • The game ends immediately when someone achieves the point threshold, but you can adjust that threshold for longer games.

Hope you get a chance to test these changes at home and offer your feedback! Thanks for your support!