My Life for the Fleet! [In the Lab]

Some loose notes on a hack of Don Eskridge's The Resistance, a most excellent variant of traditional Werewolf/Mafia games.

My Life for the Fleet!
Players are captains of ships that barely escaped a planet-wide hostile alien attack. The only sanctuary is a fabled planet on the other side of the galaxy. The fleet is on its way there, but must collect what few supplies they can along the way. Some of the crew, even the captains themselves, are secretly covert operatives for the alien menace.

The basic structure of Resistance remains the same. A series of missions, each requiring different subset of players to be team members pending majority approval, then execution of the mission in which spies can sabotage the whole thing.

The twist is that each mission asks players to volunteer a certain number of crewmen for each mission. Each mission requires a certain number and any captain can offer as many crewmen as they wish. Each mission has its rewards, including essential supplies to last the fleet until they reach sanctuary.

Each mission also has unexpected costs, that get worse if the spies sabotage the mission. A mission can still succeed despite the costs, if the captains are willing to sacrifice more crewmen.

So this is can go a lot of ways. It could be almost a co-operative game, in the spirit of Forbidden Island, where the captains need certain artifacts to chart the course to sanctuary. It could be like Catan, where collecting certain resources allows you to buy gear that improves the chances of a future mission's success. Heck, each player could be the captain of a different kind of ship, each providing different powers to the rest of the group.

Now, I haven't played the BSG board game, but I know there is a strong "Are you a Cylon?" element in it. If this loose idea is too close to that game, I'll toss it in the heap for later mining. If not, I can pursue this for further development next year. Your thoughts?
Daniel Solis
Art Director by Day. Game Designer by Night.