How to Write and Lay Out Rules on Cards [Template]

One of the strengths of DriveThruCards is that it focuses on cards alone. They've got the nicest, firmest, sharpest cards I've seen on the POD market. Unfortunately, they don't offer any rules booklets yet. There are ways around this, like video tutorials and PDF rulebook downloads, but buyers usually want to get as complete a product as possible when it comes to their door. That means including the rules in some kind of analog format.

So, I've made rules cards and included them in all my products. It's taken some experiences over the past year to learn how to best format these rules cards, and honestly I'm still learning. For now, I thought I'd share with you some of the best practices I've learned after releasing six POD card games over the past 10 months.

You can share the JPEG below with your friends, forums, and frenemies. Or you can download it as a PDF at this link.