A Clops Theme for the Pub Game?

Carrying on some thoughts from yesterday's pub game, I had earlier revised some art I commissioned from Kari Fry ages ago for the tile game Swap Clops.

I was never really satisfied with how that game turned out, but couldn't find a solution. So instead, I've been looking for ways to repurpose the art itself for a new game. I loved the clean and elegant permutations of all the different faces paired with simply shaped bodies, and double-coding the faces to color.

Custom Deck
So here's a thought: Imagine yesterday's pub game with this art and some adjusted rarities. Each face/color is one rank, from 1-7. Each Circle rank appears in the deck only once, squares twice, and triangles three times, for a total of 42 cards. This way, you get some variety in strategic choices. Do you chase the circle to pursue a majority, even though it's a high card?

One thing I loved about Dead Man's Draw was the blend of a simple pub game with real gamery and thematic mechanisms. When you take a card, perhaps it triggers a special action that befits the expression of that face?
  • Sleepy: Turn over another card in your collection.
  • Troll: Make the next player keep the next card.
  • Serious: ______?
  • Gross: _______?
  • Happy: You can skip your next turn.
  • Me Gusta: Steal a card from another player's collection.
  • Angry: _______?


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