Flying off the Shelves!

That is Happy Birthday, Robot! On an actual game store shelf! Not just any game store either, but Endgame, which consistently sets a high bar for what a game store can be. Now here's the big news: All copies at Endgame sold out on the first day.

The proprietor, Chris Hanrahan, was kind enough to send along some info about the buyers.

- People buying it for there "as too young kids" so they could play it when they were older.

- People buying it because this was a "first in class type of game, and they wanted a copy of it." (Meaning, they had never seen anything like it before, and wanted it in their collection.

- One person very specifically interested in taking it to use and advise other people who home school their kids. It sounds like he worked for some type of collective who researches this type of thing, and then shares the information with other homeschool teachers.

- People buying it as gifts for friends with kids.

- People with kids old enough to play it with,

It has HUGE wide appeal as you can see :)
Apparently so! :D


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